vrijdag 11 juli 2008


Since I've learned that there are a few BE-blog-visitors out there not quite grasping all the finesses of Dutch language, but are still interested in what's going on, here on this weblog, for once, today's BE-posting will be in ENGLISH! Wellcome everybody out there in cyberspace! Welcome to our international friends!!!! (And to all our Dutch readers: Excuus voor het kromme engels! Hopelijk is het desondanks een beetje te volgen... )

Okay then, what IS going on here?

This blog is dedicated to a comic. The Bob Evers comic. The dutch "Bob Evers comic books" are firmly based on a very well known series of novels for boys, written somewhere in the fifties of last century, by dutch author Willy van der Heide. This explains much of the retro look and feel of the material you see here.
Writer Frank Jonker and artist Hans van Oudenaarden started this BE-weblog a few months ago, mainly to keep readers informed about the forthcoming Bob Evers album. After four episodes, prepublication (is that a word?) of the comic in the dutch newspaper "Algemeen Dagblad" in dayly installments, was being canceled and the authors really, really wanted to let everybody know that the series was still being continued! As far as we were concerned, the Bob Evers albums would still keep on coming. We decided to do the prepublication of our comic on the internet!

So here we are now. What you can witness on this blog is virtually the birth of an album. If you click back into the archives of this blog, you'll find a lot of sketchmaterial and inks done by me, exclusively for this new Bob Evers comicbook. You'll also find the original scenario pages done by Frank and our comments and discussions about our own work. You'll find our schedule for public appearances and even some of Frank's commercial sidelines! Oh, and let's not forget, I even plan to do a crash course "Bob Evers drawing" in the near future. Readers are invited to react and we try to answer all their questions. In our internet-TOTALLY-FREE-BE-prepublication extravaganza we have reached page 26 allready!

Even if you wouln't be able to buy the albums in your country -and even if you could, wouldn't be able to read them- we sincerely hope you will still enjoy our material on this blog. Unfortunately, for now, the Bob Evers albums are in dutch only, but as far as we are concerned, this WILL change. Thanks for visiting and don't be a stranger!

By the way, for crummy, computer generated, tranlations of what's really being said on this weblog, you can offcourse visit: http://babelfish.yahoo.com/translate_txt?fr=avbbf-nl

O ja, en vanwege nog steeds die vakantie enzo, maak ik me er lekker een beetje vanaf vandaag. Hier de inkting van 26. Geen grote gekkigheden, geloof ik. Fijn weer met Arie te kunnen werken.
Klik voor groter!

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Anoniem zei

Sorry, readers. I am only abusing this page in an attempt to reach the authors.

Hoi heren, dit is Harry F.
Bedankt voor jullie kaartje met het verzoek om een e-mailtje te sturen. Ik heb alleen een probleem: het e-mailadres dat ik heb van Frank werkt niet meer! Dus maar even zo: ik ben te bereiken op h punt w punt fluks at wxs punt nl. Wel even de punten en de at goed invullen. :)